Patience Children Charity Organization Centre is the most important chapter in the life of a remarkable lady called Patience Frimpong-Manso. She proves that through adversary and hardships when you put your faith in the Lord, he will continue to direct you unto the path He has chosen. It's from this love of God, that has led her to follow her true calling, to help, care and empower children in her hometown of Techiman, Ghana and later transcend into helping children from other parts of the country.


As a child growing up in Ghana, Patience had always shown her love and dedication to God, through school and church worships. Even more evident was her love and compassion for children. It's this same passion that led her to become a respected and cherished children's school teacher at her church, later in life.


Years of working in the hospitality business as both a manager of a restaurant and a hotel guest services attendant exposed her to what she loved the most; people and most especially children. It all began when Patience decided at all costs to visit her aging mother, whom she had not seen in 13 years. When she finally arrived in Ghana, she continued on to her hometown of Techiman. Techiman is a town in the Brong-Ahafo region of Ghana, with an estimated population of around 100,000.

Although it has been rapidly growing within the last several decades, it still has a high poverty rate, with many children unable to receive basic everyday care. It saddened her to see children as young as her oldest grandchild, roaming the streets, selling products as a means of assisting their families in making ends meet. She always wondered how she could possibly make a difference, especially since she was a permanent resident of Canada.

One day while out and about Patience was observing a lonely nine-year-old little girl playing in the neighborhood when she noticed a dirty bandage wrapped around one of her fingers. Inquiring about what had happened to her finger, the girl said that she had cut her finger the day before while she was cooking alone at home. Patience quickly got out her First Aid kit. Unwrapping the bandage revealed a deeply cut finger. A layer of skin was gone, having been cut off by the mother, who had also covered the wound with ginger. This mother didn’t have the money to renew her health card. Patience in her naturally helpful nature immediately brought the child to a medical clinic, paid for the renewal of the health-card, and also took responsibility for bringing the child to the medical clinic daily until the end of the treatment.

Another life changing/altering moment took place one morning when she noticed three children brushing their teeth in the middle of their street. This was a time when children should be have been in school. After an in-depth inquiry, she discovered that there were orphaned and were being cared for by their grandmother. She realized that their poverty-stricken way of life prevented them from attending school.

Upon her return to Canada, Patience was determined to find ways to support these children who had made such a strong impact on her life. She began to share her experience with others, who felt compelled to assist in any way they could, to ensure that these children received the basic education that no child should be without.

The donations she received was sufficient enough to cover the cost of a school uniform for each of the three children, leaving enough to be given to their grandmother to cover other essential expenses for the children. Other donations which were given also went to pay for each child’s school fees and supplies.


Through this experience, Patience found the courage to move forward in her quest to make a difference, in her country and hometown. Patience children charity organization center is a haven which aims to help and care for the children in her hometown, by first providing a Resource Center in which children can come for all their school supplies.

It includes clothing, bag packs, writing books, pens/pencils, reading books etc. There will also be a wellness after-school program, which assists through tutoring, along with beverages for breakfast, to support the children in maintaining a healthy and well-rounded diet.


Patience has been using her own funds since 2015 when the idea to create a charity organization was started. Patience’s passion is giving a hope and a future to these children. In them can be found future doctors, nurses, pastors, lawyers, engineers, and people of all kinds of skills who will contribute to the future prosperity of the world.


Surrounded by a small group of dedicated people, Patience’s charitable organization has already changed a few children’s lives. Her proven dedication to the success of all of her endeavors will ensure that PCCOC becomes an integral part of the community.


It was during this visit to see her mother that Patience went to a village call Akrufi, about a 45-minute drive from Techiman.  While there she found out that the village residents have to walk 1 hour 20 minutes one way to get all the water they need for the day.  


This includes the water required for cleaning, washing, cooking, and bathing. Determined to try and change the conditions for these people, Patience was able to work hard, save money and contributed $6,000 of her own funds.  Combined with donations from friends, colleagues, and family she raised an additional $4,000.  


In August of 2016, with the $10,000 in hand, Patience made another trip to Ghana to arrange for the drilling of the well and now the residents of Akrufi have a water well of their very own.


Now she has made it her personal mission to make sure, that no village in and around her hometown goes without clean water.

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