In order to gain the ultimate success in life, it begins with the wellness of mind, body, and soul. As such, our goal is to provide the financial assistance in making sure basic necessities of life are being met.  Children will be given many donations such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, school supplies, first aid kits, etc.

A little girl gets a closer look at the clothing she has just received.

Children in Techiman receive clothing and other school supplies. 2016

BOTTOM: Patience and a child from Techiman, get ready for a children's function. 2016


 Education is the key to understanding, and to intimately succeeding in life. As it is vital in overcoming many of the challenges life brings, especially in places such as Ghana. We hope to assist with providing financial assistant to aid in children going to school to reap success for their future. The future PCCOC Resource Center will be a place where we will provide a safe refuge for children who want a quiet and inviting place to study and learn. It will have a built-in library.





TOP: This picture depicts a young girl who's grandmother received financial assistance to treat a large wound on her right hand.2015


BOTTOM: Patience takes a picture with a young boy who has just recieved a new school bag. 2016


 The urgent need to develop the homes and schools for needy children in Techiman villages is quite evident. When a child has a place to call their home and feels secure in knowing there will be a place to sleep, eat and relax, they can excel to become a success as part of society. PCCOC is committed to not only assist in building new infrastructure, but vitals needs such as crosswalk, placing crossing guards to ensure, no child has to endure what child had to endure after an accident occurred.

TOP: A family home, located in Akrufi, Techiman Ghana 2016


MIDDLE: Patience in Techiman with leaders to create a new crosswalk to prevent unsafe passage for children. 2017

BOTTOM: Completed crosswalk.2017

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