Zebra Crossing

The importance of a Zebra Cross Walk in Techiman and neighboring towns have become much more evident in the past several years. Often times, priority is not given to pedestrians whether children, elderly or adults. The result has been countless cases of hit and runs which tragically ends in fatality for the victims. As such, for the second time in a row, PCCOC decided to fund another cross walk to prevent such tragedies. We believe that one or two cannot save everyone, however it is surely a start.

Educating student on Zebra Crossing

After the Crosswalk was created, it was imperative to educated the students. As such, Patience and Willie, went to two different elementary schools,to teach these young children how to use a crosswalk. Such education is so important, as most of the students have never encountered a Zebra Crossing.

Classic FM 91.9 Radio 

PCCOC went further to go on a Techiman radio station, to speak directly with drivers, and educate them about the importance of complying with the Zebra Crossing and how it can save many lives.

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