Needs a Home

Project:  Build a Home

Where:  Baameri Village, Ghana

Objective: To provide a home for a disabled senior.

When: February 2019

Status: Currently Accepting Donations

Our next project is urgently in need of your donations. It is to provide a wheelchair accessible home for a disabled senior along with a wheelchair to allow her to be mobile. The picture below features Monica Gyaa who lives in this house with her daughter and grandchildren. Her daughter lost her husband, had no place to go, and was asked to move back in by her mother Monica. The house is not in a condition to be occupied, and could fall apart at any point. When it rains, in enters her room, as the roof is very much damaged. Sadly,  Monica cannot leave her home, because her right leg has been amputated, and she does not have access to a wheelchair. Among many of her challenges, her only source of mobility is from being carried. She remains at the foot of her door, as her daughter must go out to work, leaving her incapable of leaving her house, often for weeks at a time. Your donations are urgently needed to help this senior, get a house, which is safe and liveable, along with a wheelchair, so that it will allow her to become mobile. This house is should not be occupied by anyone, especially, a disabled senior and children. Please help!

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