Bomiri Water Well

Project:  Drill for water

Where:  Bomiri, Ghana

Objective: To provide clean drinking water to the Village of Bomire and surrounding communities.

When: 2018

Status: Completed April 2018

The people of Bomiri, Ghana have to walk 2 miles for stream water that is sub-standard for drinking and other uses but due to it being the ONLY water source within a reasonable distance, they use it anyway.

PCCOC wants to drill a water well in Bomire, Ghana so that the residents can have a local water supply for all their needs.



When we arrived at BOMIRE village, the leaders were quick to tell us why the water-well was vital. There was a story about a 9 year old little boy who went to fetch water. His parents became worried when it had been several hours and he had yet to return. When they rounded some residents to go to the stream, they saw the child's lifeless body. It was then that the sad reality of what had occurred became apparent. A tree had broken and fallen on their head. Sadly the young child stood no chance of survival. Such is the reality for many of the children in this village. It can still occur at any point. PCCOC is committed to preventing such a tragedy from repeating itself in the future.




Bomiri Water-Well Clip

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